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best selling USMC Marine Corps family children's book Goodnight Marines

"This book was perfect for him - my father has been in a memory care facility since May. What's evident since his dementia began to show up is that he still has a keen memory for his long career in the U. S. Marine Corps This book was perfect for him. But more importantly it was perfect for me. I wept in my first read and I weep now as I share this with you If you are a Marine, know a Marine, were a Marine, married a Marine, or were raised by a Marine, this book will melt your heart.  This book is a intimate tribute to my Marine father and perhaps yours too." - Amazon Customer on August 27, 2016


"Just bought this book for my grandson due to be born Sept. 5th. The book is beautifully illustrated and I cant wait to give it to my son and his wife next week. My son is currently a series commander at Parris Island and the book is a perfect addition to their military life." - Facebook User on July 30, 2016


"When I saw this book I immediately had to have it for our daughter. I got her copy the other day and OMG, this has got to be the cutest book ever. I read it to her every night and this and her daddy book are her favorites. I stuck a picture of her and her daddy dressed up for the Father/daughter dance. Thank you for one amazing book that not only we love but my husband as well." - Facebook User on October 22, 2016


"I purchased this book and it is simply amazing. I shed a few tears the first time I read it to my youngest son.  Our children were happily pointing out things and making comments such as "look mommy It's daddy's boots". It is honestly the first book that has been able to relay the Marine Corps to our children in a very easy and relatable manner and for that we are very grateful. It is a must have! Thank you!" - Amazon Customer on September 6, 2016


"This book is so awesome. The story is real and every single child that reads this or is read to will have a sweet comfort feeling going to bed every nite when daddy is deployed. My son is a Marine Sniper and my grandson is 2 1/2 years old. The illustrations and key characters even for a little one has a huge impact My grandson calls himself the little boy in the book and the picture is daddy! The definitions, history and hymn are the icing on the cake! Thank you to the Marine who authored this amazing book. My grandson will keep this book forever!!" - By Amazon Customer on August 18, 2016

best selling USMC Marine Corps family children's book Goodnight Marines

"Goodnight Marines is a thoughtful homage to the Marine Corps presented for both young and old to enjoy The book ends with the Marines Hymn which we sing every time we read the book. I cannot give this book more praise." - Amazon Customer on February 16, 2016


"What an amazing new book to support the military kids and their families in my classroom. Many students may have one or even both parent deployed or away for long periods of time. PCSsing is also a hard thing for our military kids.  I like how this book really makes connections that students really relate to. They can talk about how they feel. This book also touches on the USMC culture and traditions-which are familiar for my students. What an amazingly illustrated book! Thank you!!  A MUST purchase for military families tool." - Amazon Customer on September 3, 2016


"I teach first grade and do a unit on Veterans and this book is a great addition to my unit. I'm also a gold star mom of a Marine and this story touches my heart. I love all the info at the end of the story." - Amazon Customer on August 28, 2016


"Wonderful book, especially for children of Marines. I wasn't sure girls would like it, but my four year old and two year old granddaughters love it. The two year old points to the pictures of the Marine in uniform and says 'daddy, daddy'. :) The girls can't remember their dad not being with them (he was deployed when the oldest was born), but I'm sure it will happen again and the book will help them understand what he is doing." - Amazon Customer on September 10, 2016


"This book is for any civilian family as much as it is for USMC families. It promotes thoughtful conversation, touches upon USMC history and tradition, and most importantly fills ones heart with the understanding of what a child/family sacrifices when a loved one is a military service member. The author has touched upon all of this in a manner which is not political, not frightening, but loving and caring and completely appropriate for young children. I highly recommend this book for any child who has a US Marine loved one. Furthermore, I would like to see this book in public school libraries and city libraries." - Amazon Customer on September 13, 2016


best selling USMC Marine Corps family children's book Goodnight Marines


"This is a great children's book! The author truly reaches out to the little ones, especially those that have parents that are in the service. We are not a military family but we do whole-hardheartedly support them. Our 7 year old daughter enjoyed the story and the additional information helped to explain to her some details, as well. The illustrations are pristine and heartwarming Thank you to the author and illustrator for bringing this subject to light in a kid-friendly way!" - Amazon Customer on February 16, 2016


"Our Grandson is a Marine Senior Drill Instructor. His little 4 yr old boy loves being around the Marines. When I purchased this book for him, I also sat down and read it to him. He was so intrigued. Now his Mom told me he takes it to bed with him every single night and goes through each page. Makes him feel like Daddy is with him. I have recommended this book to other Marine families. It is so well done and easy for a child understand. Thank you for authoring this book. Wish there were more books like it." - Amazon Customer on October 24, 2016


"As a Marine wife, I can't imagine a better way to introduce kids to the history, culture & pride of the Marine Corps - with beautiful illustrations, a moving poem, and an index in the back to help every reader understand the significance of everything this book integrates, it's such an incredible opportunity to help kids build an appreciation for our men and women in uniform. I can't recommend it enough!" - Amazon Customer on February 22, 2016


"I received mine yesterday. One for me (and one day for my grandchildren) and one for my Marine for a Christmas present (for his kids one day). I read to my kids and my kids loved Goodnight Moon ... this is simply awesome. I cried reading this thinking about my son or his wife (whoever she ends up to be) reading this to his kids one day ... a must have. Thank you for writing this book." - Facebook user on August 3, 2016


"My husband is a retired Marine and we bought this for a special good night story at grandma and grandpa's house." - Facebook user on July 24, 2016


"I just bought this book last week and it arrived yesterday.  I love it and it made me weep. I want to read it to my dad." - Facebook user on 1 July 2016

best selling USMC Marine Corps family children's book Goodnight Marines